iPhone is an iPad Nano


There are rumours now circulating for years that the iPhone Nano is on it’s way as a cheaper consumer option. Now the big question here is: why do we need it? Most Android phones these days come out with bigger touch screen sizes than the iPhone has, and soon it will become one of the smaller size phones on the market.


Now this whole discussion just pointed me back at the iPad and the way people look at it. We all know that the iPhone was here first along with the iPod Touch. So when the iPad first came out, and still, a lot of us geeky people started calling this the “Big iPod Touch”.

Ok, now the problem with that is that it is actually the other way around my friends. For those that didn’t watch Steve Jobs’ interview at All Things Digital in June earlier this year, he has mentioned the fact that they have actually created the iPad first, but decided to release the iPhone first as it was more important (quite frankly I think it was the right choice, because the world needed a better phone). So what does that tell you?

The iPad has more screen real estate, and is capable of doing a lot more just because of that. And now, when you look at the iPad apps compared to the iPhone apps – they are less powerful and feature packed on the iPhone. So how can we call it the big iPod Touch? When the iPod touch is actually the small iPad WiFi?

It’s not one of those smarter topics that you might find out there, but really, no-one has mentioned this thing before. And it just completely pisses me off, that people just like to rant at things. And more to that, when it comes to Apple, they like to do it so loud, that everybody in the world knows. It’s like when my mother, who doesn’t know anything about tech, asked me if I have any problems with my iPhone antenna.

So my point being, is that after reading this article, which doesn’t give you much explanation, (but quite frankly, no more is needed) you still say that the iPad is the big iPod Touch – you’re most likely just the Apple hater, which is fine. I hate Microsoft too.

Thank You all!