WWDC Expectations – iOS8 & MAC OSX 10.10 & iPhone 6


Hi all. I know this place was quiet for a while. And for those 10 that read me I apologise for not giving my fingers an exercise with WordPress. Work kept me busy typing enough on a daily basis.

So! WWDC 2014 kicks off on June 2nd and the web is buzzing with the usual rumours about the new features and expectations. That of course is there with a whole boat of concepts [those where awesome this year so far if you ask me!] and “leaks” of the new iPhone[s].

iPhone 6


So there’s a talk going on that most likely there’s a new increased screen coming with the iPhone 6 and most seem convinced it will be 4.7″. That sort of makes me think – ok it’s like my Moto G. Which feels a little too large to be able to hold in one hand and use comfortably, and on the other hand it’s not large enough to justify losing the proper one hand use at most of the times. Is it all about hands though? I guess… But point being if 4.7″ is what we get – it will not satisfy me as big enough and will make my wife unhappy as too big. Hmm?

Then there’s the [I don’t f**king believe it] 5.5″ screen size rumour. Honestly – if that came out I’d buy that one. Without thinking too long. I want a big phone! Yes, I am jealous of the HTC ONE M8 size. I don’t care about using it in one hand, I have massive hands and i rarely use the iPhone in one hand. Never did since the first one I had in 2008. Unless I decide to read while I’m walking. If that is so it doesn’t matter how big the screen is as all you do is scroll it down. It would make sense because there’s so much more that I can imagine I would be able to do with it. Might even make me go less to the tablet – not that it’s a bad thing really to do that, but the iPhone just seems to be… always there where I am. Watching videos, browsing the web, pictures, all is better with a bigger screen. I can’t see Apple making it though – and that makes me sad.


This is one topic that seems to have more bulls*** rumours this year than anything. There certainly must something better around the corner than just Healthbook. And honestly something tells me if there will be an decent increase in the screen size of the iPhone there may just be a big change in the UI of the iPhone. How dumb will a larger screen will look if all it will have is more icons on it. Seriously! I’ve got a feeling the “just icons” view might be [not fully] on it’s way out to include widgets [please] or something useful along those lines. They could get away with “you get another row of icons!” with the size change from 3.5 to 4 – but I doubt [and hope] it’s not the case this time. Also if this is to be true, we’d probably see the new iPhone sooner rather than later because what’s the point of showing off the new OS [that mainly works best on the new phone and mainly because of the screen size] on the old small phone.

Text Edit? Preview? – Nonsense!

MACOSX 10.10

Another OS, another California location name? I’ll go for that!

I bet on more introduction of iOS language design getting integrated into OSX. Surely this is the new direction for them as Jonny Ive suggested. And frankly it would make sense as OSX and it’s basic interface is just getting old. Not to say that I don’t like it but it now gets out of line and looks very different from iOS. And surely Apple wants a more unified experience across their products!

In terms of features I am still praying for Time Machine in the iCloud! Nobody uses the map app on desktop so maybe they will talk more sense this time instead of introducing useless apps that are available in the cloud. I honestly think the Notes app on both platforms could benefit of a few more features, at least basic editing tools.

Ok, enough expectations! I am definitely excited for 2nd of June and the keynote, I hope at least some of the things I discussed here come true. All of them are purely based on logic and how the tech develops, where it goes. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!



iPad 3 and all the rest

ImageSo 7th of March is our “iPad 3” event. Everybody’s excited. All the blogs are getting noisy. We are counting millimeters between dock icons thinking there’s no home button. iPad 2 8GB? iPad 7inch… Ouch.

There’s so much stuff going round the internet, it’s just unbelievable. What I can’t understand. How people are in their jobs being paid to talk about stuff like that? All these “reports”… Who pays them money for it?

The times between an Apple invitation sent out for an announcement and the announcement itself are when I feel like staying off the Tech blogs. They are just full of speculation. And it seems like you trash your brain with all the expectations, to then potentially get upset, because Apple have not announced something that everybody thought was “logical” for them to come up with…

And the outcome is the blogs are hating the company saying they have not delivered what was “promised”. Some of them do say stuff like that. A lot of people that I speak to in the real world keep on saying “Apple are releasing an iPhone 5” – the talk before 4S launch days. But they never promise or tell us anything like that. So no point to get disappointed because they didn’t do something you expect them to do isn’t it?

iMessage for Desktop and OSX Mountain Lion (Cougar?)

There we go. iMessage for MAC is finally out. Wait… MAC? Or do we just call it OSX? Hold on…

Most of the usual suspect blogs got exploded today after Apples quiet sneak peak of the new OS that will come out this summer – Mountain Lion (Cougar?). I was excited and not very excited at the same time. This new OS release just seems like a software package on top of what we already have doesn’t it? Am I the only one who thinks that way? Mainly I think it’s the issue of not much changing (Gatekeeper is the only system based thing is it?) system wise, just a bunch of software add-ons. Yes, we will get twitter integration. Do we need to change the whole OS for it? Maybe I’m wrong…

As an Apple fan-boy I should probably be more excited about it than I am. It’s the second time I find myself in a situation like this. Last time it was with Lion. New gestures… AirPort is now called Wi-Fi! iCloud… Seems like all of this stuff doesn’t really deserve a whole new OS. Maybe I just want Apple to make more major changes to the OS, rather than add some app-like functionality to the system. I don’t see a reason why they cannot release Notes, Reminders, Notification Centre, Game Center, Airplay Mirroring just through the AppStore. Is it impossible or something? They did it with iMessage did they?

iMessage by the way looks awesome. Something I wanted for a while. If I exclude the weirdness of the old iChat that still seems to be present in exactly the same way (it’s just a bit harder to get to contacts). It would be cool if we got a unified window for everything if they want to join these two apps. However it would probably be a lot easier if they didn’t. Make sure you check it out!

I hope the world is doing great. Just decided to vent a little in my own very personal-public little blog.


Skype for iPhone on 3G – Review

Hello people,

Skype now has a new 2.0 version out for the iPhone. And the main feature is the long waited calls over the 3G. Which everyone expected to be there in the first place, just because it just made so much sense. I believe that Skype developers wanted to get a better quality level out of this feature, that is why they took so long with it.

I have tested the app on the UK’s O2 network using an 8GB iPhone 3G in various conditions. First I made a call just from my house, leaving the Wi-Fi connection off. The network was on EDGE. I was using the phone without the headset, and the quality was pretty good, the latency was acceptable, but not as good as on a proper connection. Though I expected a lot less from EDGE than I received to be honest. I’ve tried calling two different people, and they said the quality from my side was pretty good, no toilet room sound, and it was pretty clear, just some latency got in the way, but it was ok to speak.

Today I have decided to test it after I finished work, and was on my way to the bus stop in Preston town centre. I had 3G connectivity there and I have decided to give it another go and called my friend. That’s where the whole dancing around the chair has started.

I made these screenshots later in the day, totally forgot to make them during the call.


Now the main issue was that the connection was dropping. Well I thought it was. And then what appeared just weird, is that if you lock your iPhone, after about a minute the call goes on hold. I have received a text message and the call went on hold and then automatically went back to normal. I was using the iPhone headset, and during the time the call was on hold, I had very loud noises into the left ear, which were just horrible, they can be harmful!

Overall, I think the quality is acceptable, but there’s a lot of improvements to be introduced. Obviously from the App side first. Everybody will always blame the network for all the trouble, but I’m nearly sure that there’s a lot to improve within the app itself. It also is impossibly slow during the call on my iPhone 3G. I know it may be outdated hardware, but hey, there’s quite a lot of people who use it and it still is on the market (if there’s any left though, as it seems they are already going before WWDC).

iPhone App – Sleep Cycle Review

iPhone Location

Hello everyone. I have decided to write a review of an app that I found phenomenally useful. It’s from Lexwarelabs and it is called Sleep Cycle. As the developers web-site says,

“The Sleep Cycle alarm clock is a bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase. Waking up in the lightest sleep phase feels like waking without an alarm clock – it is a natural way to wake up where you feel rested and relaxed.”

I have bought the app four days ago, just because I thought it was an interesting idea. It was only £0.59 in the UK app store so it’s not a huge amount for something that seems fun and can also help you. So in the first day I’ve set up the alarm for 9am and it woke me up at 9am. I thought that it didn’t really change anything. But the thing was that during the first two nights it is calibrating. So it is adjusting to the way you move in the bed and the position of your phone. On the second night it woke me up at the same time. Next morning three minutes earlier and I didn’t feel any difference at all. I started thinking it’s rubbish already. I liked the graph though, because it shows the stage of your sleep, and I am posting a screenshot of this nights graph, which after I decided to write a review. And I only decided to post it because today it woke me up 17 minutes earlier… and yes! I didn’t feel that I was waking up, it worked like a champ! I didn’t even sleep that long but I feel absolutely great (at the time I am writing the article at least).
Sleep Cycles

So as the web site says, and a few people told me that as well, this technology is not new at all, you can buy the so-called “Bio-Alarm Clocks” which do exactly the same thing, apparently, but cost respectively.

The app has quite a few great alarm sounds actually, they are very pleasant to wake up to. I have finally replaced my tune which I have used for at least 6 months now.

So what else can I say? The app is great and is absolutely worth spending the small price on it. And it really works!