iPad Air or iPad Mini retina?


Hello world.

One day after Apples “we’ve got a lot to cover” event, which brought the long rumoured and expected hardware / software updates. I was most definitely expecting new iPads and knew I was going to upgrade this time. Because as it happened last year eBuyer made a great deal on eBay which allowed me to buy an iPad 4, sell my iPad 3, and still walk away with £30. So I thought – I deserve an upgrade this year as the budget is there.

When the iPad mini was released, I was very excited about it, apart from the lack of retina display. When I actually looked at it in the Apple store, the non-retina display stopped me from buying it. Now we’ve got a retina iPad mini! However… We’ve also got an iPad Air. I’m sure I’m not alone on the “weird name” opinion. Are we getting an iPad Pro or something anytime soon? – unlikely. So anyway, the point is that it now starts to seem that the iPad Air is not such a bad option as it’s lighter than 4th gen, and you get the bigger screen. What buys me back to the mini is that it’s got more potential to be used in more places. I would probably take it out more, and actually use it. If I were to get it I am thinking of a 4G version and for a start put the free data sim into it from Ovivo – so that I don’t care about usage and just use it when I need to.

Ehh! I’m going back and forth between the two. I’ve used a full size iPad regularly for nearly two years soon. And I have been tempted by the mini design. I am thinking of getting the mini first. If I REALLY don’t like it, there’s always the 14 days return policy, right?

Any thoughts? I’m sure I’m not alone on this “decisions decisions” topic.



New iPad Review (iPad 3 Review)

Hello World.

I have bought the new iPad, and decided to give it sometime before I will write this review. Mainly because you need to spend some time with the device, and use it in different situations, to understand what it’s really like. I went for 16GB WiFi + 4G. I am using it with a Three sim card in UK.

As everybody might guess, the device is amazing, it was given good marks, though hasn’t managed to avoid criticism. This review mainly describes my own personal experience, and as a tradition, my own criticism towards the negative opinions of others. An hey, lets see if I can do it the Apple way, without trying to care too much about the technical aspects.

The screen is AMAZING. Yes it is. I’ve put it next to the iPad 2 and the iPad 2 looks like a thing from the last century. To give you an idea what it feels like try imagining looking at a CRT TV and an LED TV with 1080p from the same couch. That’s how big the difference is. I’ve put the same pages of the same book in iBooks on both iPads and they look absolutely different. Not only the text is sharp on the new iPad, the colours feel alive, they are more vibrant and vivid. I can put more words to appear on the screen and zoom out now as I can still read it ok. When viewing web pages in portrait mode you don’t no longer need to have to go to landscape as such, because you can read it ok without having to zoom in, which was “kind of possible” on the iPad2 / 1, but felt a lot more comfortable and easier to read if you were to zoom in. I am not entirely impressed with the graphics in the games. I have tried RealRacingHD2, and Asphalt6 – yes it’s not pixelated, but it’s not the pixels I’m after. Probably need to invest in this new thing from Infinity Blade (Diablo-like one).

The new iPad is heavier than the old one, and yes you can feel it when you hold them both together and compare. I was actually a little shocked at first, as it really feels heavier and thicker when comparing it to the iPad 2 side by side. But… As I moved away from the iPad2 and just used the new one, it doesn’t feel “too thick / heavy” at all. It’s absolutely positively naturally good.

No, it doesn’t get stupidly hot. Yes, it gets a little bit warm. Not a lot warmer than the old iPad. I have used the new and the old one without a case for periods of time and I cannot say I feel a massive difference. Maybe it’s because I don’t play games for a long time on iOS, maybe it’s because I don’t put it on maximum brightness (WHY? – tried and it makes no difference outside, a little pointless inside as well).

To test the camera, I decided to travel a bit to the beach in Waterloo, Liverpool. I was amazed by the quality. I will insert these pictures unedited, full size, so you can see for yourself, how good they are.

Here are the video samples:


So guys and gals. This is definitely an amazing device. It is worth getting. It makes me barely every need to use an actual computer. That’s how good it is. 10/10.

iPad 3 and all the rest

ImageSo 7th of March is our “iPad 3” event. Everybody’s excited. All the blogs are getting noisy. We are counting millimeters between dock icons thinking there’s no home button. iPad 2 8GB? iPad 7inch… Ouch.

There’s so much stuff going round the internet, it’s just unbelievable. What I can’t understand. How people are in their jobs being paid to talk about stuff like that? All these “reports”… Who pays them money for it?

The times between an Apple invitation sent out for an announcement and the announcement itself are when I feel like staying off the Tech blogs. They are just full of speculation. And it seems like you trash your brain with all the expectations, to then potentially get upset, because Apple have not announced something that everybody thought was “logical” for them to come up with…

And the outcome is the blogs are hating the company saying they have not delivered what was “promised”. Some of them do say stuff like that. A lot of people that I speak to in the real world keep on saying “Apple are releasing an iPhone 5” – the talk before 4S launch days. But they never promise or tell us anything like that. So no point to get disappointed because they didn’t do something you expect them to do isn’t it?

iPhone is an iPad Nano


There are rumours now circulating for years that the iPhone Nano is on it’s way as a cheaper consumer option. Now the big question here is: why do we need it? Most Android phones these days come out with bigger touch screen sizes than the iPhone has, and soon it will become one of the smaller size phones on the market.


Now this whole discussion just pointed me back at the iPad and the way people look at it. We all know that the iPhone was here first along with the iPod Touch. So when the iPad first came out, and still, a lot of us geeky people started calling this the “Big iPod Touch”.

Ok, now the problem with that is that it is actually the other way around my friends. For those that didn’t watch Steve Jobs’ interview at All Things Digital in June earlier this year, he has mentioned the fact that they have actually created the iPad first, but decided to release the iPhone first as it was more important (quite frankly I think it was the right choice, because the world needed a better phone). So what does that tell you?

The iPad has more screen real estate, and is capable of doing a lot more just because of that. And now, when you look at the iPad apps compared to the iPhone apps – they are less powerful and feature packed on the iPhone. So how can we call it the big iPod Touch? When the iPod touch is actually the small iPad WiFi?

It’s not one of those smarter topics that you might find out there, but really, no-one has mentioned this thing before. And it just completely pisses me off, that people just like to rant at things. And more to that, when it comes to Apple, they like to do it so loud, that everybody in the world knows. It’s like when my mother, who doesn’t know anything about tech, asked me if I have any problems with my iPhone antenna.

So my point being, is that after reading this article, which doesn’t give you much explanation, (but quite frankly, no more is needed) you still say that the iPad is the big iPod Touch – you’re most likely just the Apple hater, which is fine. I hate Microsoft too.

Thank You all!


Electronic Books

The iPad hype and generally all the tablets appearing all around the globe just leaded me to this thought. While I never really bother reading – I prefer listening. But still, there are so many things that you just can’t get in electronic format these days. Even if you can though – reading on the iPhone is not the greatest experience if it is intensive.

So if we get an iPad and would be able to get every single book, learning books etc. on it, not just the hot titles from the publishers of Fiction and Thrillers. I mean real stuff that people would definitely buy. I am studying towards MCSE and the training company is sending me these ridiculousluy sized books that have no chance to travel to work with me. I know they give you PDFs etc but… Isn’t the e-pub format the one that allows you to do all those nice things to the font like resizing it or even changing it. It is just a completely different experience of reading books! How many times does it happen that you just hate a font in the book – it is too big or too small etc?

Simply saying, why all the books written cannot be released to be available on the tablets? Not necessarily just iTunes, though that would be the greatest way of doing it.

Computer Input Devices

Hello everyone. There has been a lot going on on my ming in with all the hype in regards to Apple Tablet, and not only that. It is not going to be another article about the Mac Tablet Netbook Thingie.

I would like to express my opinion on human interface devices and how important they seem to be for people in the world today. Meaning that actually we can do the same things on different devices. And most of the times we don’t actually need that many devices, but we have a choice to assign different types of tasks to each and every one that we have.

It comes out that mobile technology is the future of the computer world, as it makes a lot of sense. People want to be able to work where ever they are when they have thoughts or impression to do something. Meaning that if I want to write an article like that one somewhere on the go, I can use my MacBook and MasEdit, or I can use my iPhone and the WordPress app.

The biggest disadvantage so far is that most mobile devices are underpowered, and that is one area that is progressing, but not as quick as we would like it to. Batteries don’t last very long, and are not as reliable.

The big point of this short article is that we are actually paying for different devices or even input devices (the good example would be different midi controllers for audio DAW’s) when we can do the same things without them. Though with them we get more productive.

Are people lazy? Yes and no. We always try to make out life for the better, and that’s why we accessorise our lives with different types of devices, some of which do exactly the same things just in a different way of input from the human.

Why do we need an iPad

This question seems to be figuring everywhere on the internet these days, so I decided to put my own 5 cents to the bunch. And I would like to start with my own “why” questions. Because this thing answers so many whys I’ve been asking for years, and I will try to explain what it was.

Why do people need newspapers/magazines? It’s ridiculous, it’s hard to use, they give you too much information of which you need too little, plus it’s more expensive to make them + delivery etc.

Why do people need hard cover books? I am absolutely happy reading PDFs of my laptops screen. Same issues, plus after you read one book, you put it on the shelf, you waste space. It’s stuff you don’t really need any more. Though if you do need it and you need to come back to something it’s quite hard to find it inside 600 pages without search.

Why do people need TV? No really! I hate TV. I like the content. But not the channels. For years now, I only use a TV for the output from my laptop or gaming console. And I watch only things I want, and when I want.

That’s just a few things really. But think about this. Wouldn’t it be great if you wouldn’t need to take a Metro newspaper every day before catching the train? You would already have it updated on your iPad. The latest TV Shows would be automatically downloaded to iTunes and with a simple sync you’ve got them to watch at any time you can do it. Books – do I have to say the same thing again? Though I prefer audible books myself anyway.

So why? It’s convenient. It has necessary things always there when you need them. Plus full blown internet without flash. Isn’t it great? No need for a flash blocker. Damn it’s great!