Going from iOS to a trial of Android Part 1

Hello all. Has the hell frozen over and I’m switching to Android from iOS after 6 years? Not yet… But I’ve got an android phone – Moto G 8GB version.


I made the decision after buying my wife an iPhone 5S for Christmas and her iPhone 4 couldn’t serve us as a spare phone because it’s locked [bought through a weird cheap web site and nobody seems to care to unlock it and jailbreak is just evil] plus on iOS7 the phone is ridiculously slow. Moto G was cheap, we actually made money on the swap using good old CEX. £115 for a phone didn’t seem overkill, especially with the fact that the web is screaming in good reviews about this phone being great value for money. So let’s see if it is…

Now I’m no android user, last time I tested it was in 2.1 days, using a Samsung Galaxy Europa for a week – the phone two of which I bought my parents. I did receive a lot of hate from them for those… Budget handsets – what can you expect. However the look they gave at the OS was exactly as it was – just on a smaller screen. I was playing around with colleagues HTC phones like desire and the [hated on this blog] Samsung Galaxy. The experience was just clunky when compared to iOS – the apps were horribly designed, felt like back in windows 95 days to me in all honesty. Plus I possessed a lot of hate for the whole Thermonuclear War anger of Steve Jobs back in the days really steered me away.

LG-Nexus-4-add1I have been interested in Android since Google came up with the Nexus 4. I loved the design, there was something cool about it, that I never felt about any other Android phone. The Verge had a very interesting interview with Google about the product – for the first time I saw the glare in their eyes and huge amounts of excitement about what they’ve achieved with the product. It felt different, I knew this was going to be a game changer. And I think a lot of people would agree it was. Because the price was way less than most would expect to pay for the quality you were getting. My brother in law switched to Android and Nexus 4. He did have a lot of teething problems with it, he blatantly hated it for many reasons, and just called it dumb. I wasn’t so sure about all of that at the time.

So here I am now, – I spent one whole day without my iPhone *purposely* for the first time in all them years. How do I feel about it – good. I am actually still surprised. What Moto G is for what it cost me, – is amazing. The phone keeps up with my demands very well. It is fast. I am an Apple fanboy so no snapdragon discussions will happen here, – what matters is what it feels like. And it’s really good. There is occasional lag in scrolling, which as I understand is just unavoidable. It just feels that google can’t figure out how scrolling works. It seems very hard for them. It switches from an app to app quick, loads pages quick, notifications take me to the correct place very quickly [I would go as far as saying quicker than my iPhone 5 does].

love widgets. Oh my god how will I live without them on the iPhone. I’ve noticed it actually changes my attitude to the content. I am actually bothered to look at BBC News now because it’s as easy as a swipe to the left on my home screen and I get the top stories, and I can click on them and [nearly every time] it takes me right to the story and I can watch a video. My Spotify is hanging at the top of my most common apps on the home screen and I can see what’s playing and it’s artwork. It’s just god damn beautiful to look at. Plus it’s adding useful functionality and easy of use. Yes I said it, there’s something that feels easier here than it does on the iPhone. Weird that I’m saying it.

The folders are amazingly simple and it’s great. They are much better than the iOS folders as they don’t take up the whole screen showing you 9 apps. What is the f***ing point of that Apple?! Easy to organise, neat to see and access. Brownie point again.

It is being a twat with bluetooth in the car and Spotify. That is when I get into the car and I was listening to Spotify before it still starts playing my file from the music player – which happens to be my super mario ringtone. I might hate this ringtone soon I think. I just don’t store any music on the phone at all. Maybe it’s possible to change this as a default behaviour and if somebody knows how to – let me know.

I tried using AirPlay with this. ZappoTV and AppleTV Media works great! At least for YouTube it does which is what I care about most. Well… Plex which I got for free as a Plex Pass subscriber and serves our house media doesn’t know about airplay. ZappoTV allegedly can read Plex stuff but it wants me to pay it something extra to enable something which I’m not [yet] prepared to invest in. In a nutshell – it’s useable, not as good as the iPhone is in that respect, but I’m not expecting it to be. Maybe I will invest in a Chromecast at some point – it’s cheap isn’t it?

That is really it so far. I am sure there will be a lot more in my head as I carry on with this. But I dangerously like that phone to an extent of starting to think [way too early I know…] if I’ll be interested in the Nexus 5 or the next version of HTC One. I am scared though… Something might just go wrong and little things will start annoying me. We shall see. And I’ll let you know how this goes.

Peace. Speak soon.


Starcraft 2 Heart Of The Swarm Running on the Macbook Pro Retina 15″ 2012

Installing Windows 8

So here I am. Installing my first legally owned license of the infamous Microsoft Operating System – Windows 8 Pro. I’ve completed an entertaining course on Microsofts Expertzone Page, and was given an opportunity to buy the NFR version for £9.99. Sounded like a sweet deal, – so I went for it.

The idea was that I would get my MAC a Windows install so I can play the PC Games, since the Nvidia 650M turns out to be a nice GPU.

I was sent a little booklet, which had the serial number on it, and that was about it. It had a link to the page, which directed me to download an upgrade assistant, which would figure out what my computer is, etc… Now my problem with that is that my computer is a MAC, and doesn’t run exe files. You’re supposingly have to run it on an existing operating system. Yes, I might sound wild, and OSX is in the same boat, hence you can only get it from the Mac AppStore. But… Isn’t the world of Windows fans / Apple Haters claiming that Windows is uber compatible and works on everything and all that? Hm… Even my work colleagues got concerned, i.e. – if you want to install this on a clean machine, how do you do it? And is there a way at all?

Well it turns out there isn’t. So here I am, currently downloading a Windows 8 Pro ISO from a torrent tracker, which I intend to use. It might turn out it will not work since it appears I’ve been given an upgrade version, which was actually marked as NFR – Not For Resale. We will see how it goes from here…Image

iPhone is an iPad Nano


There are rumours now circulating for years that the iPhone Nano is on it’s way as a cheaper consumer option. Now the big question here is: why do we need it? Most Android phones these days come out with bigger touch screen sizes than the iPhone has, and soon it will become one of the smaller size phones on the market.


Now this whole discussion just pointed me back at the iPad and the way people look at it. We all know that the iPhone was here first along with the iPod Touch. So when the iPad first came out, and still, a lot of us geeky people started calling this the “Big iPod Touch”.

Ok, now the problem with that is that it is actually the other way around my friends. For those that didn’t watch Steve Jobs’ interview at All Things Digital in June earlier this year, he has mentioned the fact that they have actually created the iPad first, but decided to release the iPhone first as it was more important (quite frankly I think it was the right choice, because the world needed a better phone). So what does that tell you?

The iPad has more screen real estate, and is capable of doing a lot more just because of that. And now, when you look at the iPad apps compared to the iPhone apps – they are less powerful and feature packed on the iPhone. So how can we call it the big iPod Touch? When the iPod touch is actually the small iPad WiFi?

It’s not one of those smarter topics that you might find out there, but really, no-one has mentioned this thing before. And it just completely pisses me off, that people just like to rant at things. And more to that, when it comes to Apple, they like to do it so loud, that everybody in the world knows. It’s like when my mother, who doesn’t know anything about tech, asked me if I have any problems with my iPhone antenna.

So my point being, is that after reading this article, which doesn’t give you much explanation, (but quite frankly, no more is needed) you still say that the iPad is the big iPod Touch – you’re most likely just the Apple hater, which is fine. I hate Microsoft too.

Thank You all!


Skype 2.1 on the iPhone4 review (with iOS4 multitasking support)

Hello world, just a quick post regards to the new Skype app for the iPhone that has been updated to version 2.1 yesterday. I have tested it briefly with my iPhone4, and from the functionality perspective, it seems to be surprisingly good!

It is still the same good old app, but now you can receive messages and calls while in the background, I have tried both, and can only say that so far I am very happy with it.

Now coming to issues, which no app developer apart from a couple in the app store can avoid (and that’s understandable). People can’t hear you any good!, that’s using the iPhone 4. The person I was talking to had to turn up the volume on the speakers all the way up and could barely hear me! And I could hear myself back echoing very bad. Though as soon as I’ve put my headset on the problem went, and the person could hear me well, and there was no echoing.

You can do whatever you want with the phone while you’re on a Skype call now. Unless you are using a jailbroken iPhone with Backgrounder. Most people have these issues with 3GS, and not many reports come from iPhone4 users.

There is apparently no more proxy support, I have personally never used it and don’t feel the need.

Battery life is horrible according to most people on @twitter, I did not have a chance to try it out in a full day, but during the call that lasted around 5 minutes, it killed around 3% on the iPhone4, totally worrying.

Skype have also announced that there will be no charge for 3G calls anymore!, that is obviously very good for all of us, and gets Skype more users, so they think at least.

And for the conclusion – No video calls through the front facing camera.