New iPad Review (iPad 3 Review)

Hello World.

I have bought the new iPad, and decided to give it sometime before I will write this review. Mainly because you need to spend some time with the device, and use it in different situations, to understand what it’s really like. I went for 16GB WiFi + 4G. I am using it with a Three sim card in UK.

As everybody might guess, the device is amazing, it was given good marks, though hasn’t managed to avoid criticism. This review mainly describes my own personal experience, and as a tradition, my own criticism towards the negative opinions of others. An hey, lets see if I can do it the Apple way, without trying to care too much about the technical aspects.

The screen is AMAZING. Yes it is. I’ve put it next to the iPad 2 and the iPad 2 looks like a thing from the last century. To give you an idea what it feels like try imagining looking at a CRT TV and an LED TV with 1080p from the same couch. That’s how big the difference is. I’ve put the same pages of the same book in iBooks on both iPads and they look absolutely different. Not only the text is sharp on the new iPad, the colours feel alive, they are more vibrant and vivid. I can put more words to appear on the screen and zoom out now as I can still read it ok. When viewing web pages in portrait mode you don’t no longer need to have to go to landscape as such, because you can read it ok without having to zoom in, which was “kind of possible” on the iPad2 / 1, but felt a lot more comfortable and easier to read if you were to zoom in. I am not entirely impressed with the graphics in the games. I have tried RealRacingHD2, and Asphalt6 – yes it’s not pixelated, but it’s not the pixels I’m after. Probably need to invest in this new thing from Infinity Blade (Diablo-like one).

The new iPad is heavier than the old one, and yes you can feel it when you hold them both together and compare. I was actually a little shocked at first, as it really feels heavier and thicker when comparing it to the iPad 2 side by side. But… As I moved away from the iPad2 and just used the new one, it doesn’t feel “too thick / heavy” at all. It’s absolutely positively naturally good.

No, it doesn’t get stupidly hot. Yes, it gets a little bit warm. Not a lot warmer than the old iPad. I have used the new and the old one without a case for periods of time and I cannot say I feel a massive difference. Maybe it’s because I don’t play games for a long time on iOS, maybe it’s because I don’t put it on maximum brightness (WHY? – tried and it makes no difference outside, a little pointless inside as well).

To test the camera, I decided to travel a bit to the beach in Waterloo, Liverpool. I was amazed by the quality. I will insert these pictures unedited, full size, so you can see for yourself, how good they are.

Here are the video samples:


So guys and gals. This is definitely an amazing device. It is worth getting. It makes me barely every need to use an actual computer. That’s how good it is. 10/10.


Why do you need an iPad

Hello world!

I am quite sure that a lot of people have written a similar blog post on this topic. I think that this question was primarily raised by the “Apple Haters Community”, because “it is an over-sized iPod touch” as they say. Well… Times seem to change a lot, and tablets gain interest. Not only that, it seems that they seem to start eating into the pc market. What I really want to describe in this article, is how an iPad is better at doing something, that the other devices can do. I have read a lot about how good things are, but I’ve not seen many comparisons. I hope this works out and gets people a basic idea, why do they want to buy one, and whether they need one.

So, I will start with the day-to-day tasks, and how would you use the iPad when you’re at your desk as an example.

I have found a good use for the iPad, when I’m using my computer at the same time. I tend to put video/audio podcasts on it, so I can still focus on whatever I’m doing on the MAC, using two screens, but I can still enjoy the video podcasts, which don’t always require your full attention, but you would sometimes need to have a look when they show you some tips and how to get those done.

What started to annoy me though, is the fact that I need to make a decision, as to where do I deal with my twitter/facebook stuff. Because when I get an @ reply on twitter, it gives me a notification on the Mac, iPhone, and the iPad, and I seem to always reach the iPad these days. So I’m thinking whether I should get rid of the twitter client on the Mac when I’ve got the iPad in front of me? Of course I won’t when it’s a video podcast, but otherwise, why not?

Email – that’s what I seem to have stopped reading on my desktop all together, mainly because I’ve got the iPhone and the iPad which seem to do that a lot better. So now when I’m at the desk, I only read the email on the iPad (if it isn’t occupied by the mrs of course, – then I use the desktop client), and when I’m out and about I would of course prefer the iPhone. My every mailbox is using an exchange sync, or imap, so whenever I read the email in one place, it is being marked as read in the other.

Holidays with an iPad.

Just recently I was on holidays abroad, and we decided to go just with the iPad, and leave my MacBook Pro at home. It was brilliant to show photos to relatives, browse the web, twitter facebook etc. That’s how much I do on holidays. I’ve also played some Tower Defense (awesome game). We’ve watched video on it, using a case that also acts like a stand – works beautifully. Put it on the be in front of you, works great for two people, same as if you had the laptop, but the screen is a bit smaller. Plays hd mkvs almost flawlessly with AVPLAYERHD


Another recent discovery. Plex for mac together with the Plex for the iPad hooked up to a TV with a VGA (in my case) or HDMI cable – brilliant. I don’t have to bring my computer to watch those tv shows and movies any more. It also does a lot of other video services as well. If I had an apple tv – you can do AirPlay mirroring and watch 720p fine over Wi-Fi. I have tested it with a friends apple tv.

So all of these things alone are worth can pretty much use it as a replacement for most things that the pc/mac can do. Not everything. But most things. And some things it does do better!

Skype 2.1 on the iPhone4 review (with iOS4 multitasking support)

Hello world, just a quick post regards to the new Skype app for the iPhone that has been updated to version 2.1 yesterday. I have tested it briefly with my iPhone4, and from the functionality perspective, it seems to be surprisingly good!

It is still the same good old app, but now you can receive messages and calls while in the background, I have tried both, and can only say that so far I am very happy with it.

Now coming to issues, which no app developer apart from a couple in the app store can avoid (and that’s understandable). People can’t hear you any good!, that’s using the iPhone 4. The person I was talking to had to turn up the volume on the speakers all the way up and could barely hear me! And I could hear myself back echoing very bad. Though as soon as I’ve put my headset on the problem went, and the person could hear me well, and there was no echoing.

You can do whatever you want with the phone while you’re on a Skype call now. Unless you are using a jailbroken iPhone with Backgrounder. Most people have these issues with 3GS, and not many reports come from iPhone4 users.

There is apparently no more proxy support, I have personally never used it and don’t feel the need.

Battery life is horrible according to most people on @twitter, I did not have a chance to try it out in a full day, but during the call that lasted around 5 minutes, it killed around 3% on the iPhone4, totally worrying.

Skype have also announced that there will be no charge for 3G calls anymore!, that is obviously very good for all of us, and gets Skype more users, so they think at least.

And for the conclusion – No video calls through the front facing camera.


Skype for iPhone on 3G – Review

Hello people,

Skype now has a new 2.0 version out for the iPhone. And the main feature is the long waited calls over the 3G. Which everyone expected to be there in the first place, just because it just made so much sense. I believe that Skype developers wanted to get a better quality level out of this feature, that is why they took so long with it.

I have tested the app on the UK’s O2 network using an 8GB iPhone 3G in various conditions. First I made a call just from my house, leaving the Wi-Fi connection off. The network was on EDGE. I was using the phone without the headset, and the quality was pretty good, the latency was acceptable, but not as good as on a proper connection. Though I expected a lot less from EDGE than I received to be honest. I’ve tried calling two different people, and they said the quality from my side was pretty good, no toilet room sound, and it was pretty clear, just some latency got in the way, but it was ok to speak.

Today I have decided to test it after I finished work, and was on my way to the bus stop in Preston town centre. I had 3G connectivity there and I have decided to give it another go and called my friend. That’s where the whole dancing around the chair has started.

I made these screenshots later in the day, totally forgot to make them during the call.


Now the main issue was that the connection was dropping. Well I thought it was. And then what appeared just weird, is that if you lock your iPhone, after about a minute the call goes on hold. I have received a text message and the call went on hold and then automatically went back to normal. I was using the iPhone headset, and during the time the call was on hold, I had very loud noises into the left ear, which were just horrible, they can be harmful!

Overall, I think the quality is acceptable, but there’s a lot of improvements to be introduced. Obviously from the App side first. Everybody will always blame the network for all the trouble, but I’m nearly sure that there’s a lot to improve within the app itself. It also is impossibly slow during the call on my iPhone 3G. I know it may be outdated hardware, but hey, there’s quite a lot of people who use it and it still is on the market (if there’s any left though, as it seems they are already going before WWDC).

iPhone App – Sleep Cycle Review

iPhone Location

Hello everyone. I have decided to write a review of an app that I found phenomenally useful. It’s from Lexwarelabs and it is called Sleep Cycle. As the developers web-site says,

“The Sleep Cycle alarm clock is a bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase. Waking up in the lightest sleep phase feels like waking without an alarm clock – it is a natural way to wake up where you feel rested and relaxed.”

I have bought the app four days ago, just because I thought it was an interesting idea. It was only £0.59 in the UK app store so it’s not a huge amount for something that seems fun and can also help you. So in the first day I’ve set up the alarm for 9am and it woke me up at 9am. I thought that it didn’t really change anything. But the thing was that during the first two nights it is calibrating. So it is adjusting to the way you move in the bed and the position of your phone. On the second night it woke me up at the same time. Next morning three minutes earlier and I didn’t feel any difference at all. I started thinking it’s rubbish already. I liked the graph though, because it shows the stage of your sleep, and I am posting a screenshot of this nights graph, which after I decided to write a review. And I only decided to post it because today it woke me up 17 minutes earlier… and yes! I didn’t feel that I was waking up, it worked like a champ! I didn’t even sleep that long but I feel absolutely great (at the time I am writing the article at least).
Sleep Cycles

So as the web site says, and a few people told me that as well, this technology is not new at all, you can buy the so-called “Bio-Alarm Clocks” which do exactly the same thing, apparently, but cost respectively.

The app has quite a few great alarm sounds actually, they are very pleasant to wake up to. I have finally replaced my tune which I have used for at least 6 months now.

So what else can I say? The app is great and is absolutely worth spending the small price on it. And it really works!

Kaspersky Antivirus – MAC Version (Basic review)

Here we are in 2009, and it’s not news that computer viruses have been around for years on the PC, however things may change for the MAC community in the future, however I think there might be different views on that. That is why I decided to write a little review of this product, and give you some of my views and opinions about it.

There is a malware detection tool implemented in Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard. And most people think that it is enough. To be perfectly honest, I think it is. As the kaspersky web site claims, you are protected against 30.000 malware spyware etc. Well is there that many even written for the MAC? NO. So how can they promise protecting against it? There is one reason that I can think of – get protected against Windows viruses, so you don’t pass them to the people on the Windows side using email or any other sharing method.
If getting an antivirus you would normally think – resource loss. Yes that is true in fact. But Kaspersky on the MAC seems to work pretty fast while background scanning, and doesn’t consume much ram. Though even when running a quick scan my Macbook Pro had a processor load around 100% and got decently hot. As a surprise it did detect password protected archives and didn’t seem to like those (what’s the problem with passwords, anyway?) and didn’t find any viruses on my machine. The quick scan took over half an hour (i’ve got around 250GB of data).

If you want to protect yourself, or should I say, your Windows friends, you can get Kaspersky AV for the MAC for $59.95 from Kaspersky Labs

In my opinion though, it is a little bit early to think about viruses on a MAC, but we never know what's waiting in the future!