Why do we need a PC nowadays?


Hello world.

Just a quick note. Nothing serious today. Or may it be?

I just happened to notice recently that the more the time goes on, the less I have to use an old fashioned style computer with a desktop operating system. I.E. I just get most of the things I need doing done on my iPhone or the iPad. I rarely sit down by the Macbook Pro to get anything done at all [I am writing this on it thought as the keyboard is a must for a lot of text].

Main things I need the desktop os for:

1. Photo editing from DSLR, storing them. Storing videos.

2. My windows server downloads movies and plex server shares them out to iOS devices and the rest around the house.

3. Storing mp3s, in my case the likes of russian rap that is mostly unavailable on spotify.

4. Skype video chat for long periods of time, mainly with mum, sometimes still use an iPad for that.

5. Any new developments / learning for my IT career, the likes of CISCO, software development, HTML.

These are the main things. I sat down for a bit, I couldn’t think of many more. All this begs the question, – when I replace this laptop, which won’t happen for many years unless it fails [2 years of apple care left], what kind of cheap machine will I be going for as really… I am not using it all that much. It’s a powerful 2012 15″ Macbook Pro with Retina Display, so either way it will last a while and won’t slow down. But down the line… I am probably looking at my next machine being a middle range laptop, ultra-book or whatever will be out on the market in the next few years.

What do you use the computer for? If you use it for more than any of these things, do you have a tablet?

It’s funny as it kind of takes me back to the day when the iPad was released and people were asking why would you need one. I don’t understand a need for a PC as much as I understand a need for a tablet now.


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Passionate about technology and music. I like to review and criticise work of other people, while staying gentle and intelligent.

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