Installing Windows 8

So here I am. Installing my first legally owned license of the infamous Microsoft Operating System – Windows 8 Pro. I’ve completed an entertaining course on Microsofts Expertzone Page, and was given an opportunity to buy the NFR version for £9.99. Sounded like a sweet deal, – so I went for it.

The idea was that I would get my MAC a Windows install so I can play the PC Games, since the Nvidia 650M turns out to be a nice GPU.

I was sent a little booklet, which had the serial number on it, and that was about it. It had a link to the page, which directed me to download an upgrade assistant, which would figure out what my computer is, etc… Now my problem with that is that my computer is a MAC, and doesn’t run exe files. You’re supposingly have to run it on an existing operating system. Yes, I might sound wild, and OSX is in the same boat, hence you can only get it from the Mac AppStore. But… Isn’t the world of Windows fans / Apple Haters claiming that Windows is uber compatible and works on everything and all that? Hm… Even my work colleagues got concerned, i.e. – if you want to install this on a clean machine, how do you do it? And is there a way at all?

Well it turns out there isn’t. So here I am, currently downloading a Windows 8 Pro ISO from a torrent tracker, which I intend to use. It might turn out it will not work since it appears I’ve been given an upgrade version, which was actually marked as NFR – Not For Resale. We will see how it goes from here…Image


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