MACOSX Time Machine to NAS connect error

Hello World.

Mountain Lion is out – yay (or roar?)! I’ve decided at the same time to setup a Time Machine to backup over wireless to my Zyxel NSA310…

What a painful process. To start with I wanted to backup to the USB drive connected to the NAS – wouldn’t want to have it. The firmware for some reason only enables you to enable Time Machine for shares that are on your internal drive… So I gave it a few days thought and decided to move everything from the internal drive to the USB, and use the internal drive for Time Machine. Ok… You thought it was the end of my problems? – NO.

When I selected the NAS share in Time Machine preferences it asked me to input the credentials for the NAS, – which I did and pressed connect. As I did so, I was presented with an error titled the operation could not be completed osstatus error 2Great!

I’ve started googling, and did get a few solutions to try out – but none worked. I’ve tried setting up different users, setting up different sharing/permissions – nothing worked.

What I ended up doing is re-enabling the admin folder which was created automatically with the NAS’s setup (it was disabled as I didn’t use it) – and Time Machine connected with no error to that folder once I selected it as a share. I then tried to point back to the “TimeMachine” folder for TM access – error again. It sort of seems you can only get access by using the pre-built folders on the NAS.

It turns out the problem is not Zyxel NSA310 related, as people on forums experience the same problem with different devices.

If you encounter the problem, I hope this helps you!


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6 Responses to MACOSX Time Machine to NAS connect error

  1. Sam Peters says:

    Thanks for the tip, I was starting to tear my hair out trying to get my mac to backup to a share I had created on my NSA310. Switching to the admin share worked a treat 🙂

    • acritic says:

      My pleasure 🙂

  2. Andy says:

    Nine months later, how has this worked for you?

    I was looking at purchasing a NSA310 to mirror a Macbook and a Windows laptop. I assume the Windows machine shouldn’t be a problem, but has Time Machine worked reliably with the solution you found?

    • acritic says:

      Hi Andy. Funnily enough, it has worked reliably for my wife’s Macbook Air, and my old Macbook Pro 13″. However I had no end of trouble with the 15″ Macbook Pro Retina that I have now. It keeps on saying it needs to create a new backup. With this I just stopped using it altogether. However I’ve put together some software on an old PC I took from my mum in law, yet to get time machine server on that, as so far it’s running windows, potentially due to change it to linux soon.

      • Andy says:

        Huh. That’s not encouraging. So, to clarify, are they all running 10.8?

      • acritic says:

        Yes. I know. My latest experience was creating a share folder on Windows 7, then putting a sharebundle image to it and use as time machine. So far no day without an error message “cannot connect to the IP address” and I can still connect to it through finder. I’ve not actually managed to complete one full backup to it. If I will pull off a good setup with windows I will share that too. However in terms of NSA310 I think it’s a good one, and as only one machine was experiencing issues, I should have probably looked more into it, but as most I use on it is in the cloud + I have a crashplan account, I didn’t bother too much so far

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