How to resolve Remote Buddy Express Plex Volume Issue

Hello everyone. I have found  a workaround for a major issue there is between Plex and Remote Buddy Express.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who came across the problem. This is when using Remote Buddy Express to control Plex, and hey, your volume doesn’t work. It just sits at -0db. It has worked for me in the past, but it seems that after I’ve reinstalled Lion and put the apps back on it doesn’t. Whether it’s a new version or similar – I have got no clue.

I’ve digged into the forums, came across a few solutions, which didn’t really address the issue, however when combining the information from different forums I came up with a solution. There is two ways you can do it, depending if you want the system volume to change when using plex, or plex volume to change.

But essentially I’ve mapped the keys to act as volume change when holding the up / down (plus / minus) keys, rather than just pressing them. As pressing them in a normal way doesn’t seem to be handled correctly on either side of the apps.

Go into remote buddy express preferences.

Go to the Mapping screen, select Plex on the left hand side, and adjust the settings that way:

By the way we’re only editing the top section – for the apple remote. My settings on the Virtual Receiver page are altered as I was trying suggestions from other places that didn’t seem to help me.

I hope that helps. Any questions – feel free to ask in the comments!


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