iMessage for Desktop and OSX Mountain Lion (Cougar?)

There we go. iMessage for MAC is finally out. Wait… MAC? Or do we just call it OSX? Hold on…

Most of the usual suspect blogs got exploded today after Apples quiet sneak peak of the new OS that will come out this summer – Mountain Lion (Cougar?). I was excited and not very excited at the same time. This new OS release just seems like a software package on top of what we already have doesn’t it? Am I the only one who thinks that way? Mainly I think it’s the issue of not much changing (Gatekeeper is the only system based thing is it?) system wise, just a bunch of software add-ons. Yes, we will get twitter integration. Do we need to change the whole OS for it? Maybe I’m wrong…

As an Apple fan-boy I should probably be more excited about it than I am. It’s the second time I find myself in a situation like this. Last time it was with Lion. New gestures… AirPort is now called Wi-Fi! iCloud… Seems like all of this stuff doesn’t really deserve a whole new OS. Maybe I just want Apple to make more major changes to the OS, rather than add some app-like functionality to the system. I don’t see a reason why they cannot release Notes, Reminders, Notification Centre, Game Center, Airplay Mirroring just through the AppStore. Is it impossible or something? They did it with iMessage did they?

iMessage by the way looks awesome. Something I wanted for a while. If I exclude the weirdness of the old iChat that still seems to be present in exactly the same way (it’s just a bit harder to get to contacts). It would be cool if we got a unified window for everything if they want to join these two apps. However it would probably be a lot easier if they didn’t. Make sure you check it out!

I hope the world is doing great. Just decided to vent a little in my own very personal-public little blog.



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