Why do you need an iPad

Hello world!

I am quite sure that a lot of people have written a similar blog post on this topic. I think that this question was primarily raised by the “Apple Haters Community”, because “it is an over-sized iPod touch” as they say. Well… Times seem to change a lot, and tablets gain interest. Not only that, it seems that they seem to start eating into the pc market. What I really want to describe in this article, is how an iPad is better at doing something, that the other devices can do. I have read a lot about how good things are, but I’ve not seen many comparisons. I hope this works out and gets people a basic idea, why do they want to buy one, and whether they need one.

So, I will start with the day-to-day tasks, and how would you use the iPad when you’re at your desk as an example.

I have found a good use for the iPad, when I’m using my computer at the same time. I tend to put video/audio podcasts on it, so I can still focus on whatever I’m doing on the MAC, using two screens, but I can still enjoy the video podcasts, which don’t always require your full attention, but you would sometimes need to have a look when they show you some tips and how to get those done.

What started to annoy me though, is the fact that I need to make a decision, as to where do I deal with my twitter/facebook stuff. Because when I get an @ reply on twitter, it gives me a notification on the Mac, iPhone, and the iPad, and I seem to always reach the iPad these days. So I’m thinking whether I should get rid of the twitter client on the Mac when I’ve got the iPad in front of me? Of course I won’t when it’s a video podcast, but otherwise, why not?

Email – that’s what I seem to have stopped reading on my desktop all together, mainly because I’ve got the iPhone and the iPad which seem to do that a lot better. So now when I’m at the desk, I only read the email on the iPad (if it isn’t occupied by the mrs of course, – then I use the desktop client), and when I’m out and about I would of course prefer the iPhone. My every mailbox is using an exchange sync, or imap, so whenever I read the email in one place, it is being marked as read in the other.

Holidays with an iPad.

Just recently I was on holidays abroad, and we decided to go just with the iPad, and leave my MacBook Pro at home. It was brilliant to show photos to relatives, browse the web, twitter facebook etc. That’s how much I do on holidays. I’ve also played some Tower Defense (awesome game). We’ve watched video on it, using a case that also acts like a stand – works beautifully. Put it on the be in front of you, works great for two people, same as if you had the laptop, but the screen is a bit smaller. Plays hd mkvs almost flawlessly with AVPLAYERHD


Another recent discovery. Plex for mac together with the Plex for the iPad hooked up to a TV with a VGA (in my case) or HDMI cable – brilliant. I don’t have to bring my computer to watch those tv shows and movies any more. It also does a lot of other video services as well. If I had an apple tv – you can do AirPlay mirroring and watch 720p fine over Wi-Fi. I have tested it with a friends apple tv.

So all of these things alone are worth it.you can pretty much use it as a replacement for most things that the pc/mac can do. Not everything. But most things. And some things it does do better!


About acritic
Passionate about technology and music. I like to review and criticise work of other people, while staying gentle and intelligent.

2 Responses to Why do you need an iPad

  1. Jamie says:

    You stealing office supplies from work again? In all seriousness the popularity of the ipad and other mobile apple products have lead to the innovation of html5 and the end of web pages and devices reliance on flash.

  2. acritic says:

    Completed the post on the iPhone mate 🙂 And yes, flash sucks. They started working on HTML5 themselves and stopped mobile flash development now

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