Samsung vs. Apple

Hello World,

The idea for this post came from the recent tech news and announcements from Samsung that I’ve been looking at.

So may I be right or wrong, but Samsung seems to be trying to go Apple, in terms of design at least? I keep reading these posts on the internet where Samsung has made a tablet that looks like an iPad, which is comparable in sizes and specs. Then it’s a laptop which is trying to compete with the Macbook Air, and kind of looks too similar as well.

Macbook Air Samsung Series 9

So what’s the game Samsung? I’ve noticed that your Galaxy phone looks like an iPhone 3G/3GS. And geeks, – correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s a copied design, with a bigger screen on the Galaxy S. Yes it’s slimmer, yes it’s bigger in screen size. But if you look at them from a distance they look too similar to me.

Galaxy S
iPhone 3G

There’s the new Galaxy 10.1 / 8.9 on engadget.

I never liked Samsung’s designs, and all over sudden I like them. There’s a simple answer to the “Why?” question that comes after this statement, – They look like Apple-like. Isn’t it strange that quite rapidly after the iPad 2 announcement we’ve got a re-designed Galaxy Tab that kind of looks the same again? Is it a good thing – I don’t know. I think it just makes a bit mash from products, and people still call them iPads, though most of them aren’t just look the same. It is also similar with the phones. “Have you got one of those iPhones? – No… Couldn’t afford one, went for a Samsung”.

This post may put me into a position of an Samsung/Android hater but I can assure you that I’m not. I’m happy that they are finally doing some progress design wise, but… They should probably come up with their own ideas, not steal it from another company.


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