Electronic Books

The iPad hype and generally all the tablets appearing all around the globe just leaded me to this thought. While I never really bother reading – I prefer listening. But still, there are so many things that you just can’t get in electronic format these days. Even if you can though – reading on the iPhone is not the greatest experience if it is intensive.

So if we get an iPad and would be able to get every single book, learning books etc. on it, not just the hot titles from the publishers of Fiction and Thrillers. I mean real stuff that people would definitely buy. I am studying towards MCSE and the training company is sending me these ridiculousluy sized books that have no chance to travel to work with me. I know they give you PDFs etc but… Isn’t the e-pub format the one that allows you to do all those nice things to the font like resizing it or even changing it. It is just a completely different experience of reading books! How many times does it happen that you just hate a font in the book – it is too big or too small etc?

Simply saying, why all the books written cannot be released to be available on the tablets? Not necessarily just iTunes, though that would be the greatest way of doing it.


About acritic
Passionate about technology and music. I like to review and criticise work of other people, while staying gentle and intelligent.

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