Windows Phone 7 Interface

Hello everyone. Just a quick word on the yesterdays big and important announcement from Barcelona. Windows Phone 7 has been introduced. I would never think I could say that, but I like their design. It’s quite close to what they have done with the Zune, but it also seems new. I appreciate the fact that Microsoft seems not to have stolen the ideas from Apple. Maybe I am mistaking because I didn’t hold the phone in my hand yet, but it looks new. The menus seem to be a bit confusing though, even looking crispy, but that’s the way Microsoft is used to doing things.

There is one thing that has caught my eye in a video made on Neowin , it seems that everything is quite close with Facebook in the contacts. No doubt it’s cool. But imagine how sluggish can it become when you are in a bad signal area and it just takes ages to load up your contacts? It would be nice to be able to turn it off as an option.

Being a critic I can tell you what I see in videos like that one – it seems that it is slow and not very responsive. Let’s hope it is the fault of the early versions, but man, there’s too many things that work wrong so far, where was the rush of introduction coming from?

Viewing quite a few videos on youtube it seems like the OS is getting a big hype and this is truly amazing. Microsoft is stepping out of their closet of running after the others and making something new. They have broken the habit with Windows 7 launch. Now it’s their next thing.


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Passionate about technology and music. I like to review and criticise work of other people, while staying gentle and intelligent.

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