Why do we need an iPad

This question seems to be figuring everywhere on the internet these days, so I decided to put my own 5 cents to the bunch. And I would like to start with my own “why” questions. Because this thing answers so many whys I’ve been asking for years, and I will try to explain what it was.

Why do people need newspapers/magazines? It’s ridiculous, it’s hard to use, they give you too much information of which you need too little, plus it’s more expensive to make them + delivery etc.

Why do people need hard cover books? I am absolutely happy reading PDFs of my laptops screen. Same issues, plus after you read one book, you put it on the shelf, you waste space. It’s stuff you don’t really need any more. Though if you do need it and you need to come back to something it’s quite hard to find it inside 600 pages without search.

Why do people need TV? No really! I hate TV. I like the content. But not the channels. For years now, I only use a TV for the output from my laptop or gaming console. And I watch only things I want, and when I want.

That’s just a few things really. But think about this. Wouldn’t it be great if you wouldn’t need to take a Metro newspaper every day before catching the train? You would already have it updated on your iPad. The latest TV Shows would be automatically downloaded to iTunes and with a simple sync you’ve got them to watch at any time you can do it. Books – do I have to say the same thing again? Though I prefer audible books myself anyway.

So why? It’s convenient. It has necessary things always there when you need them. Plus full blown internet without flash. Isn’t it great? No need for a flash blocker. Damn it’s great!


About acritic
Passionate about technology and music. I like to review and criticise work of other people, while staying gentle and intelligent.

One Response to Why do we need an iPad

  1. Bebras ( Dmitrij Kalacov ) says:

    Hah, amazing! I’m really shocked, that you are talented in technologies too! No, I knew that you are keen on computers and other stuff, but writing a review – it is another side of a coin. I like to write reviews too, but I’m writing only about xbox and it content ( only in russian ). But who cares! Before your review I thought, that iPad is unuseful thing – looks like huge iPhone. But those ”Why?” made me think about it and now i see, that it is quite useful stuff. However, I disagree with you about books. Books are still more useful, because they are made of paper and it is easier to read it for a long time. But if you will read something from iPad for a couple hours, your eyes will become exhausted. But TV, metro map and etc – yeah, iPad worth its money.
    P.S.: I hope to hear another technology news and reviews from you. There is a lot of stuff coming this year. Maybe, if you’ll get interested and will have enought free time, you’ll write a review for Microsoft Project Natal. It must become in stores in 3 quarter, appearently in November. Good luck!

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