Macbook Pro Backlit Keyboard Issue/Problem – How to resolve.

Macbook Pro Backlit

About a month ago I had this problem with my Macbook Pro and the backlit keyboard. So I found an article on Macrumors forums, where people were discussing the same type of issue.

So the problem is that wether you cannot use the backlit when you want it, because it doesn’t go on. Wether it always stays on, which was in my case and I thought it was completely inappropriate.
I will just paste my final answer that I gave to the guys on forums that resolved the issue and I finally understand everything about the light sensors and where which sensors are located. As nowhere on the internet I found anything like that.

Now I have an answer for all of us, because I’ve got it from an Apple Genius in the Apple Store.

I went to the Apple Store to check my MBP on the HDD issues, because I was getting input/output errors. So while I was there talking to the Genius about the hard drive problems I remembered this discussion on the backlit keyboard fiasco. And there is something we got wrong about this:

“the iSight lens if you’re using MBP”

The answer is NO it isn’t there. There is a sensor for the light in there – and it works for the screen brightness. So in the Apple Store, while it was a bright day, and I closed the sensor to demonstrate the problem to the Genius and suddenly the backlit wouldn’t allow me to turn it on at all, as it was too bright.

So the Genius said that the sensor for the backlit is located on the logic board and works through little speaker holes on the sides. And YES it works together with the sensor near by the iSight. So I closed the top of the screen and he had to put his both hands to close the speakers gently and the backlit went on only then.

So is the story solved – YES. Am I happy – NO. As it appears that places where I normally find myself in are not bright enough for the MBP to actually use the sensor in the way that it makes sense to me.



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