Kaspersky Antivirus – MAC Version (Basic review)

Here we are in 2009, and it’s not news that computer viruses have been around for years on the PC, however things may change for the MAC community in the future, however I think there might be different views on that. That is why I decided to write a little review of this product, and give you some of my views and opinions about it.

There is a malware detection tool implemented in Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard. And most people think that it is enough. To be perfectly honest, I think it is. As the kaspersky web site claims, you are protected against 30.000 malware spyware etc. Well is there that many even written for the MAC? NO. So how can they promise protecting against it? There is one reason that I can think of – get protected against Windows viruses, so you don’t pass them to the people on the Windows side using email or any other sharing method.
If getting an antivirus you would normally think – resource loss. Yes that is true in fact. But Kaspersky on the MAC seems to work pretty fast while background scanning, and doesn’t consume much ram. Though even when running a quick scan my Macbook Pro had a processor load around 100% and got decently hot. As a surprise it did detect password protected archives and didn’t seem to like those (what’s the problem with passwords, anyway?) and didn’t find any viruses on my machine. The quick scan took over half an hour (i’ve got around 250GB of data).

If you want to protect yourself, or should I say, your Windows friends, you can get Kaspersky AV for the MAC for $59.95 from Kaspersky Labs

In my opinion though, it is a little bit early to think about viruses on a MAC, but we never know what's waiting in the future!


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Passionate about technology and music. I like to review and criticise work of other people, while staying gentle and intelligent.

6 Responses to Kaspersky Antivirus – MAC Version (Basic review)

  1. aminos says:

    the problem with norton and mcafee is that i often find them having incompatibility issues with other software and hardware.

    • acritic says:

      yes, and it is a resource hog

  2. Eugene says:

    In my opinion though, it is a little bit early to think about viruses on a MAC, but we never know what’s waiting in the future!
    You absolutely right.

  3. kariayam says:

    mac versions :O

  4. jean says:

    what a waste of money, after the first scan on my macbook pro it left a horizontal line across my screen that only went away once i closed Kaspersky, causes system crashes and acts more like a virus than anything else. don’t bother with this program its the biggest load of crap on the mac

    • acritic says:

      Interesting. It seems that a lot has changed in a years time since I’ve written the post.

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